KANBAN sizing tool

We have revamped our tool in order to take into account KANBAN with 2 levels of Batch Building Boxes and we have included a loop optimizer.

Inventory Efficiency Tool

A new release including new indicators created by Vincent Richard in order to facilitate your analysis. You can also take into account your financial provisions by part number in order to improve you focus on real gains.

Safety period and Standard Recovery Time

A new pragmatic approach to define safety stock and avoid the classical complex calculation.

Promise timing

A detailled analysis of the VRO order process timing is necessary in order to eliminate safety stocks.

Supplier KPI

Delivery performance but also adherence at the process are 2 aspects to be tracked in order to assess Supplier's performance.

Ordering KPI

VRO operates in a manual mode which has to be monitored.

Discrepancies Management

All VRO discrepancies should be analyzed and their action plan followed permanently.

Batch Building Box (BBB)

The Batch Building Box insures the respect of the batch size and trigger the launch of its production.


Like all systems, audits are mandatory if you want to insure that the Kanban rules will be understood and respected.

How to use Inventory Efficiency results?

Standard analysis to highlight main levers of inventory reduction.