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Discrepancies Management

For each discrepancy, the VRO counter has to record Pick-Up Order data on the Discrepancy Board, the VRO Champion with the Planner have to communicate with the Supplier in order to assess the situation, organise express transportation or reschedule production.

More a Supplier has discrepancies, more the load of the Counter, Champion and Planner is increasing. So it is important to follow the total number of discrepancies per day as well as per supplier.

Generaly a VRO Champion is a part time job (for 1000 part numbers) and he/she is able to manage 17 discrepancies per day during this part time. More discrepancies means more people dealing with these issues and more coordination between them.

A common ratio is 30 discrepancies per person and per day.

If you do not have enough people to manage discrepancies you have a high risk of component shortages.

Reducing VRO discrepancies A VRO must work effectively with few supplier discrepancies: tips to reduce them.

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