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Discrepancies Board

One of the main advantage of VRO is to have a formalized discrepancies management. When the VRO Counter receives a Promise lower than the quantity ordered, when the Receiving Operator receives a quantity lower than the quantity promised, when the Promise is not received on time: a record of the event is done on the Discrepancies Board and an action plan is defined.

2 Discrepancies Boards have to be set-up:

  • One in the VRO Area (it contains all the blank sheets. This board is used by the Counter to fill discrepancies);
  • One close to the VRO Champion and Planners.

At specific hours in the day, the Counter takes all the sheets filled out (fully or partialy) and posts them on the board close to the Planners.

The process

When these new sheets are posted, VRO Champion and Planners add Suppliers updates received since their Promise, then Planners have few hours to define the production down time for the remaining issues.
Then, they contacts suppliers to find out their recovery plan. If material cannot arrive before the production shut down, a special conference between the VRO Champion, the Planner and the Supplier is organized to find the best compromise.
At each state of this process, the Board is updated with timed actions.
At given hours during the day, the Material Manager, the VRO Champion and Planners review the discrepancies not solved to decide which action remains to be defined or done and close actions completed.

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