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Batch Building Box

The Batch Building Box (BBB) collects your KANBAN cards consummed. There is one Batch Building Box by reference or family of references produced together. When the number of KANBAN cards is equivalent to the batch size, these cards are moved together to the Launcher.
In order to insure that the cards will be moved as soon as they reach the batch quantity, the number of card slots available in the Batch Building Box has to be equal to the number of cards equivalent of the batch size minus one.

When an operator start to consume a standard unit from the KANBAN inventory, he removes from the load the card associated and goes to the Batch Building Box to put it in a slot available for the reference/family. If there is no slot available for the related reference/family, he will remove the whole pack of cards from the batch building box and put it with the last card at the end of the Launcher queue.

If you use our recommended cards, the best solution is to stick a velcro tape on the back of each card. Then, you can build your BBB using the other velcro tape. The number of velcro tape is the number of card minus one equivalent to the batch size. If the batch size changes from time to time you can put red velcro tape on the ones that you do not need. It is a simple way to adjust the batch size.

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The Velcro solution The use of Velco is inexpensive and make really easy the storage of cards in the Batch Building Box

Cards Buffer How to manage specific cases when the sequence of consumption cannot be reflected by the simple use of Batch Building Boxes and launcher

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