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In-Transit Cart

First In-Transit Cart

This Cart is on weels to be able to use it directly on the receiving docks.

In-Transit Cart was initially named Dock File and created by Wendy Bandych Arndt in 2001. It contains all the orders on the road or not yet shipped by the supplier but for which it faxed back the promise.

The Promise is on blue paper stapled on the top of the Transmission confirmation paper (yellow paper) itself on the top of original Pick-Up Order.

All Pick-Up Orders from a Supplier are stored in the same folder. Suppliers are sorted by arrival time and by truck. The folders of suppliers which come in the same truck have the same colour.

The folders are identified by the Pick-Up order identifier followed by the number of Pick-Up Orders that the folder has to contain at the truck arrival time (see Pick-Up Order receipt).

HOw to organize a In-Transit Cart?

In-Transit Cart (detail)

Organisation of the folders in the In-Transit Cart shown below:

  • Pick-Up Order folders (supplier name at the left) are grouped by color. Each color represent a transportation flow (at the right).
  • The supplier name has been chosen as Pick-Up Order Identifier except when 2 Pick-Up Orders are send to the same supplier. In this case the Supplier and the time when the fax is sent have been chosen
  • The 2 Pick-Up Orders of Hautrifil supplier are received at the same time. They are using the MK03 truck.
  • Each truck has its identifier and its color. All suppliers delivered with the same truck have a folder with the same color.
  • In this example there is always one Pick-Up Order stored in the folder at the time of the truck receipt, therefore the number of Pick-Up Order is not shown.

Stephen Markidis

How to use and organize the In-Transit Cart explained by Stephen.

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