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Counting KOSU

Why counting?

This is one of the most common question and concern about VRO.

Why counting and not using ERP inventory values or Kanban cards? The FMEA which has been used to develop VRO concluded that counting is more accurate than ERP data for 2 reasons:

  • data input errors done in an ERP system are cumulative. Till they are corrected or a physical inventory is done, inventory discrepancies can increase and are difficult to detect;
  • when you are close to zero stock (feasible with VRO), inventory figures have to be accurate: physical counting is the most reliable method.

But counting may be a long task and requires a lot of ressources. Except if your inventory area is correctly organized and identified. The demonstration has been given by Mikael Derderian with the Counting KOSU. With this idea, VRO became a tool not only able to optimize your procurement but also your physical inventory and the 5S.

Mikael Derderian

Mikael has been the first to use the Counting KOSU as an major flows improvement tool covering receiving, material handling and storage operations.


What is included in the Counting KOSU?
Do I include the free time between counting/ordering and faxing in the KOSU?

Our new VRO sequencer includes a worksheet to record and calculate the Counting KOSU.

Counting methods Best advices from Steve Markidis to reduce the Counting KOSU.

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