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Physical flows management

Activities and responsibilities

This team is in charge of the activities linked to the physical flows within the site:

  • receiving (trucks unloading, pallet breakdown, administrative receipt, storage);
  • production line feeding with kitting and/or repacking if required;
  • production line picking;
  • physical material movements between production lines;
  • shiping (picking, pallet consolidation, shipping documents, trucks loading).

And also some specific activities:

  • cycle counting (results analysis is normaly done or consolidated by the Inventory Analyst function which is part of the Supply Chain Design Team);
  • VRO counting, if you are using VRO.

Main functions

All these activities can be grouped in 5 main functions:

  • Receiving/Shipping operator;
  • Paperwork administrator;
  • Material handler;
  • Cycle counter;
  • VRO counter;

Managed by one or multiple supervisors.

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