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KANBAN with cards

This is the classical KANBAN. A card represent a defined quantity for a reference, for example the quantity of a box.

  • When the customer comes and takes boxes, it takes off the KANBAN Cards from these boxes and put them into the associated Batch Building Box (each reference or family of references has a specific Batch Building Box);
  • When the Batch Building Box is full, all its cards are put at the end of the queue of the Launcher;
  • At the end of the production of a KANBAN unit, the producer puts the KANBAN card to the load and he/she moves it to a dedicated storage footprint;
  • At the end of the production batch, the producer takes the next first stack of card of the queue on the Launcher. If there is no card, product stops.

Easy to say but in fact not easy to do, or at least, to respect this process at 100%.

  • Customer can forget to remove cards: they will be missing in the Batch Building Box.
  • Cards can fall in the bottom of a box, on the floor or be forgotten on the production line or in a pocket...

These common facts have as consequence part shortages and can change a KANBAN project in a big failure.

Key factors to implement a KANBAN with Card

To prevent these classical issues, 2 simple ideas:

  • use large cards;
  • systematic implementation of regular KANBAN Audits in order to avoid any deviation of the process.

KANBAN with cards has to be used when you have many references to manage or when the volume (in cubic size) is important.

These are the tools to setup this type of KANBAN:

Card Using large Kanban cards is the most effective solution to ensure that your system will continue working after a few months.

Launcher The launcher visualizes the batches production sequence.

Managing exceptions Your loop has suddenly decreased and your inventory is higher than the new loop or you want to build an inventory bank. Our methods to be used in these cases.

Batch Building Box (BBB) The Batch Building Box insures the respect of the batch size and trigger the launch of its production.

Audit Like all systems, audits are mandatory if you want to insure that the Kanban rules will be understood and respected.

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