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You want to deploy a KANBAN with cards and, of course, you have to build your KANBAN Cards, Batch building Boxes and Launcher.

You can easily create all these tools with office accessories and use small cards (T-Cards or cards at credit card format).
This material is easy to find and this is the main reason why small KANBAN Cards are popular.

Unfortunately this is a common mistake. Using small cards, you'll lose them when using the system. Few days or months later, you'll discover a lack of kanban cards and your KANBAN inventory has become a big mess.

The lost of cards is the main cause of failure of KANBAN implementations. With cards missing, the system does not work, as a consequence the operators do not respect it and so, they stop to use it.

These are our recommended tools:

Card Using large Kanban cards is the most effective solution to ensure that your system will continue working after a few months.

Launcher The launcher visualizes the batches production sequence.

Managing exceptions Your loop has suddenly decreased and your inventory is higher than the new loop or you want to build an inventory bank. Our methods to be used in these cases.

Batch Building Box (BBB) The Batch Building Box insures the respect of the batch size and trigger the launch of its production.

Audit Like all systems, audits are mandatory if you want to insure that the Kanban rules will be understood and respected.

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