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Supply Chain Daily Meeting

Creating a Team capable of detecting any potential issue is a key factor to be able to run a Just In Time Supply Chain. One of the key milestones is to organize a daily meeting where each member of the Team presents its own process indicators to the rest of the Team. It is not a "problem solving" meeting but an update about the current situation.
At the end of the meeting, the Manager chooses 3 issues to be solved through a PDCA process.

Points to be respected:

  • Meeting conducted by the Supply Chain Manager or exceptionally by a nominated back-up;
  • Everybody attends the daily meeting so each member has an overview of the current situation;
  • Each member of the Team reports at least one indicator;
  • The aim is to report information not to solve issues;
  • Meeting driven with data not stories.

The movie below presents one of Renato Rossoni's daily meetings in Campinas (Brazil) with a review of 123 indicators in 10 minutes followed by a QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) meeting. In order to prove that it is possible to review all these indicators during this period of time, this movie shows the entire meeting without any editing.

Renato Rossoni

Renato Rossoni has been the main contributor to the contruction of this meeting concept deployed today worldwide.

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What are the key points in organizing this meeting?
Is it only a bottom-up meeting?
Is it the only daily meeting?

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