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VRO Protocol

VRO is different from other ordering methods. Based on a FMEA, each task has to be respected to insure smooth operations. All actors have to know, understand and execute correctly their tasks on time.

Switching a Supplier to VRO cannot be improvised. You have to define with it:

  • who will be the contact, its phone and fax number;
  • who will be the contact back-up;
  • the frequency of the orders,
  • the fax time;
  • the promise time;
  • the pick-up time;

Do not forget the Carrier. It is also involved in this process and be aware of:

  • the pick-up frequency;
  • the pick-up time;
  • the delivery time;

and both have to know how to handle the Pick-Up Order.

Support documents, training, formalized agreements are necessary to insure a perfect VRO launch. They define the VRO Protocol between the Customer, the Supplier and the Carrier.

Supplier protocol Documents to be communicated and/or signed by a Supplier before a VRO launch.

Carrier protocol Document to be communicated and/or signed by a Carrier before a VRO launch.

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