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KANBAN with 2 levels of Batch Building Boxes

Yasemin Esen

Yasemin Esen has successfuly implemented a KANBAN with 2 levels of Batch Building Boxes in Beitigheim (Germany). Her example inspired the one explained in this page.

Sometime the change over time is different when you change from a reference C to a reference A versus from a reference B to a reference A and this difference of time cannot be negligible. Generally it is the case when you have different families of change over and each of them involves a totally different process from the others.

We are taking the example of an extrusion line which produce rubber blades for wiper blades. We have 2 types of change overs:

  • one to change the rubber material to be extruded. For this operation you need to purge the line, change all parameters, set-up the new material and start to produce till the line is able to produce the first good blade. The change over time is 40 minutes;
  • one to change the length of the blade extruded. In this case you have to adjust the cutter. The change over time is 4 minutes.

The extrusion line produce 70 references with 30 differents lengths and 3 types of rubbers. The total allocated time for the change overs is 12% of the operating time.

How to set-up a KANBAN?

We are going to create 2 levels of Bach Building Box:

  • one to manage the change over of the rubber;
  • one to manage the change over of the blades length.

Batch Building Box for rubber The BBB for rubber contains all card of blades produce with the same rubber.

Related calculations Using 2 BBB is tricky but feasible if you apply specific rules and be pragmatic.

Batch Building Box for the blades The BBB defines the batch size for a blade.

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