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OverFlow Area

The Overflow Area has been introduced in 2003 by Olivier Rethore after a visit to a Toyota plant. The idea is to only allocate for each part a storage footprint holding the MIHI. If a load is received and cannot fit in this area, the reliquat has to be moved to an Overflow Area. On a regular basis, Planners have to analyze the root cause of this "overflowing". It can be:

  • incorrect loop
  • over shipment not detected
  • production schedule not respected or delayed

It allows the Supply Chain Team to focus only on exception.

Olivier Rethore

We have to respect the storage layout. The Overflow Area is the solution to avoid pallets in the aisles with a "good" reason and focus the team on exceptions and root causes.


Do I need to change after every MPS the footprint of all parts?

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