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The idea (1992 - 1997)

Olivier Rethore

Working since 1986 on ERP and Kanban, Olivier Rethore has realized that none of these tools have been designed with a close loop. Customers send orders or Kanban cards to their suppliers hoping that they will be able to deliver on time.
In 1992 he has launched a reordering system run directly by a production line operator with a fax : "we gave to the main contributor of the process the means to control its own inventory. The result was amazing: the inventory reduced by 10 in 3 days".
In 1997, using the same process, he has added the systematic answer to the supplier order: the VRO principle was born!

The first VRO (2000)

Wendy Bandych Arndt

Fall 2000, in a plant of the Valeo Group, automotive components manufacturer, located in Rochester NY (USA), Olivier Rethore and Wendy Bandych Arndt have started to implement the first VRO process for an entire plant. To be able to manage 52 suppliers, Wendy Bandych has created the tools which are now the fundation of the system: Counting Faxing Sequencer, Template Cart, In-Transit Cart and Fax Board.

The challenge (2001-2002)

Gina Mastrosimone

End of 2001, Wendy Bandych and Olivier Rethore moved to a larger plant to face a new challenge: eliminate a 7800 locations stacker. The building is huge (300x100x100ft), full of material and the plant has not a lot of space available to store this material in-house. With the support of Gina Mastrosimone they started to focus on the high volume references and put in place the VRO for the entire plant with a very aggressive schedule and rigor: 9 months later, the stacker was emptied, total inventory divided by 3 and all material was able to be stored in-house in a flat storage.
Gina Mastrosimone formalized the discrepancies management, key point of this process.

Maturing the system (2003-2004)

During this period VRO is slowly becoming a management tool: the Overflow Area is introduced, a new loop formula is defined for long transit times.

Mark Fischer

Mark Fischer started the first VRO with oversea suppliers and has worked on the 0 safety stock concept (which is possible with VRO) and how to optimize the Delivery Safety Time.

Stephen Markidis

Stephen Markidis, VRO Counter since the beginning in 2000, Stephen has created the 0-0 Report and the Wrong Location Report. He has defined and optimized counting methods and has validated the main visual tools of this process.

Deployment (starting in 2005)

Step by step the VRO idea is spreading within the Valeo Group. New usages, new ideas and improvements. VRO becomes the main Inbound Supply Chain Visual Management Tool within this company.

Stephane Bony

Stephane Bony improved the Fax Board by dedicating a fax holder to each supplier with a display of its promise time. It is now easier to detect the late supplier promises.

Mikael Derderian

Mikael Derderian has been the first to implement the Counting KOSU as an improvement tool (average spent time in second per reference to count, to order and to fax). He proved that measuring the counting time and analysing the cause of variances is the best way to improve the storage layout, 5S.

Yulan Guo

Yulan Guo worked on storage layout, part identification and documents easy to use by Counters. With this work, her Team acheived the best world wide Counting KOSU: 5.3 seconds (680 parts counted and ordered per hour!). She has provided the answer to a common concern about the number of counters needed with VRO: it can be a part time position if the storage layout is correctly designed and organized.

André Gold

The change from the Discrepancies Report to the Discrepancies Board has been initiated by Andre Gold. Based on the QRQC process, this new tool facilitates the visualization of the discrepancies solving situation. Andre Gold has also initiated the VRO deployment within the Valeo Group.

Didier Huet

Didier Huet finalized the VRO game created with Serge Calpe, Frédéric Chevalier, Alain Marquet and Olivier Rethore. This game highlights the main advantages of the VRO for ordering execution versus procurement based on MRP.

Cesar Cosio

Wallerand De Vigneral

Wallerand De Vigneral, Cesar Cosio, Patricia Hayashi and Vincent Richard have been the main contributors of 2 VRO training modules.

Vincent Richard

Patricia Hayashi

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