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Pick-Up Order Receipt

The receiving of material ordered with VRO is a critical task. Forgetting to remove the Pick-Up Order from the In-Transit Cart or counting twice the received are the most common mistakes. So how to avoid them as well as their disastrous consequences?

  • The In-transit cart has to be organized by truck arrival, all suppliers of the same truck need to have their folders with the same color (in the movie below, Deborah talks about the "blue truck");
  • The receiving operator has to match the Promise Pick-Up Order with the supplier's delivery note and check this document with the material physically received in order to detect any discrepancies;
  • Each folder has to show the number of Pick-Up Orders which have to be found at the time of the receipt;
  • A rough control of the in-transit cart content has to be done on a daily basis;
  • At last a perfect identification of the counted/not counted material has to be done on the dock for the material waiting to be hauled into the storage area when the counting could be done during the receipt of the material.

Deborah Smith, Gina Mastrosimone and Stephen Markidis explain:

Stephen Markidis

Receiving a Pick-Up Order is a critical operation. You need to strictly respect the process in order to avoid to mess-up all the process.

Comments about this movie

  • Deborah talks about "Visual" not Pick-Up Order.
  • Deborah does not have a desk to put and check paperwork but a little table on weels. She can move it during the material receipt to be close to the load. It is more convenient and ergonomic. She also uses a RF terminal.

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