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Supplier KPI

Using VRO, the most efficient way to measure Supplier Performances is to consider 4 indicators:

  • Service Rate;
  • Promise Compliance Rate;
  • VRO incidents;
  • Discrepancies.

These indicators have to be recorded on a daily basis based on the analysis of each Pick-Up Order processed. A simple file can be used to consolidate data in order to:

  • communicate VRO performances to suppliers;
  • organize monthly VRO result reviews with suppliers.

A lack of communication or meeting review with suppliers is the best way to create misunderstandings, conflicts and at the end, the refusal of this method.
On the contrary, a simple monthly review is the best way to fine tune the process timing (for example: faxing or promise hours more convenient for each actor) and smooths the activity, based on the analysis of the VRO KPI.

Service Rate Classical KPI adapted to the VRO.

VRO Incidents To keep your VRO efficient, it is important to record the non respect of its key steps.

Improving the Supplier PCR How to improve the reliability of the Supplier Promise.

Promise Compliance Rate (PCR) A very specific KPI, fundation of the VRO process.

VRO Discrepancies Discrepancies management is a time consumming process. So it is important to highlight them during reviews with Suppliers.

VRO Supplier KPI report A simple file to record and present VRO Supplier KPI.

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