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0-0 and Discrepancies reports

When the VRO Counter is located far from people in charge of discrepancies management, it is sometime difficult to use a Discrepancies Board. In this case, 0-0 and Discrepancies Reports faxed at fixed hours by the Counter to the Supply Chain Team can be a solution.
Data received can be copied on a classical Discrepancies Board to be reviewed (recommended), or faxes can be used directly but need to be posted on aboard to be seen by all and not lost or kept by one person.

Discrepancies and 0-0 management are the core of the VRO process as Gina Mastrosimone and Stephen Markidis explain:

Discrepancies Report

Olivier Rethore

Managing discrepancies is the core activity of VRO. This is in fact what makes the difference between VRO and an other ordering system!

0-0 Log or 0-0 Report

Gina Mastrosimone

The 0-0 situation is a little bit tricky and needs unfortunately to be checked each time. In order to eliminate it you can decrease your counting unit.

Standard documents

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