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Ordering KPI

VRO ordering process is based on a visual counting of the material. 4 mains indicators have to be followed and analysed on a daily basis:

  • the Counting KOSU;
  • the number of part numbers not found in the right location which are reported in the Wrong Location Report;
  • the number of part numbers found mixed in a location which are reported in the same report;
  • the number of counting/ordering errors.

These 4 indicators have to be reported on a daily basis during the Supply Chain Daily Meeting. Knowing that your VRO Counter walks within your storage area on a regular basis, he is the best witness of the state of it in terms of 5S, identification, preservation. A slight deterioration in the storage area will impact these indicators immediately.

Ordering KPI are the best indicators to get an overall control of the physical storage operations.

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