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Supply Chain Process Indicators

How to be sure that critical tasks are done every day in order to detect and prevent a potential catastrophe?

The best way is to define the critical indicators to be reported every day during the Supply Chain daily meeting. These indicators must be the result of a quick task that can be easily reported daily. Each indicator must relate to the person responsible for its daily update and one back-up. 2 people can report the same type of indicator for different areas.

Supply Chain Process Indicators can cover:

Potential risks:

  • Open safety risks
  • Parts at the wrong place
  • service rate
  • communication issues between 2 systems (EDI and ERP, ERP and data collection system...)


  • Inventory
  • KOSU

They are obtained during:

  • Daily activities
  • Critical tasks
  • ...

Asking to report these indicators is the best way to check if daily tasks are completed.

Supply Chain Process Indicators Board Template A template of the board seen in the movie can be customized to your needs.

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