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VRO Board

Originally the VRO Board was called Fax Board and used to detect late promise of Suppliers. After been faxed, Pick-Up Orders were posted in a fax holder until the promise was faxed back by the Supplier. Stephane Bony has improved the late promise detection by allocating a specific fax holder for each Pick-Up Order and displayed its Promise Dead Line on it.
Today the VRO Board displays the Promise and Discrepancies Check Dead line. After been received, the Promise fax is stapled on the top of the Transmission Report stapled above the Original Pick-up Order. If the Counter is not able to check discrepancies, it post back the stapled documents on the VRO Board. Otherwise it reports the discrepancies on the Discrepancies Board and store the documents in the In-Transit Cart.
The presence of a blue paper (Promise) on the VRO Board indicates that the discrepancies have not been processed yet.

Stephane Bony

Stephane has done a major improvement on the VRO Board when he started to dedicate a location for each Pick-Up Order and displayed their Promise Time.

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