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VRO Sequencer

Named initially Pick-Up Matrix, then Counting Faxing Sequencer in 2008, it became VRO Sequencer in 2012. It is the document which defines the Counter tasks schedule. It has been invented by Wendy Bandych Arndt in 2000 during the first VRO implementation.

This document contains the list of Pick-Up Orders to be sent during the week. This document is sorted by hour of counting waves, pick-up order ordering time.

  • For each Pick-Up Order, it shows the counting time, the fax hour, the promise dead line and the discrepancies analysis dead line.
  • The truck arrival time is shown in order to alert the counter if there is a risk of double count.
  • The number of references to count can be used to evaluate the average time of the counting.
  • At the right of this document, for each day of the week, 2 columns have to be filled out by the counter for each Pick-Up Order to be sent.
  • When the Pick-Up Order has been faxed, the counter has just to put its initials in the related cell.
  • When the Promise has been received and if the promise has been received before the dead line, the counter has to put its initial in the cell otherwise it writes the promise's receipt hour (best practice) or the delay of the receipt.
  • If for some weekday, the Pick-Up Order has not to be sent, the cells are blackened.
  • At the bottom of the document, there is the list of authorized counters and their initials.

How to use the VRO Sequencer

Wendy Bandych

Wendy has created the first VRO Sequencer as a to do list for the VRO Counter.

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What is the better format to use for the VRO Sequencer?
Why do not add a column for an hour to fax a reminder if the supplier has not sent back the promise?
What the Counter has to fill on the Counting Faxing Sequencer and when?
At which frequency is updated this document?
Who is modifying this document?
How are suppliers sorted on this document?
Why there is a column indicating the number of part# to count per supplier?

Standard documents

The new VRO sequencer template includes new functionalities:

  • Calculation of the VRO Counter's load;
  • analysis of the waves schedule;
  • analysis of the timing between each task and consistency check;
  • integration of the hours of the Discrepancies review;
  • formalization of the express transportation plan.

It considers the Counting KOSU does not include the ordering task as well as the faxing task in order to be consistent with our future V2RO tool and fully integrates Marck Fischer's concept about safety stocks with VRO.

You can, of course, use the simplified version, similar to the previous version with some enhancements...

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