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KANBAN acronyms

Acronym Definition Explanation
BS Batch Size Quantity in production unit of a batch size.
BT Batch Time Time to produce the number of pieces of a batch.
COT Change Over Time The Time of the changer over starts at the time of the availability for consumption of the last piece of the previous batch till the availability of consumption of the fist good piece for the new batch.
CT Cycle Time Time running between a first piece produced and available for consumption and the following one. This is an average time.
DNB Daily number of batches Number of batches produced for a reference during a day.
DNG Daily number of group of batches If the batch size is calculated based on the regular formula of the fixed batch time, the DNG gives us how these baches will be grouped based on the difference of demand between each reference. Learn more.
DOT Daily operating time Production time available during a day for an equipment if we remove breaks, maintenance time and other shutdowns.

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