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Template Cart

The Template Cart was invented by Wendy Bandych Arndt in 2001. It contains all blank Regular Pick-Up Orders to be used by the Counter. After the MPS, when the future transportation schedule is defined, the VRO Champion updates the loops for each part number and print the new Pick-Up Orders to be used during the following period. It put them in the Template Cart based at their effectivity date.
The Template Cart is sorted by Counting Wave. Each Counting Wave is represented by a color. Each supplier to be counted during the same Counting Wave has a folder with the same colour. Any Pick-Up Orders in a folder can be used.

2 rules to be respected

Stephen Markidis

Working with Wendy Bandych, Stephen has improved the Template Cart: he organized it by Counting Waves.

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What is a Counting Wave?
Is there a timing rule to store new blank Pick-Up Orders in the Template Cart?

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